Microblading is a new way of eyebrow tattooing and a great alternative to traditional permanent makeup. While traditional permanent makeup is done with a machine, microblading is done manually with a pen. With gentle pressure a color pigment is implanted into the basal layer of the skin using a sterile microblade. This creates individual crisp hair strokes, and results in very natural looking eyebrows.

Powder & Ombré Brows

This technique differs from microblading. Instead of using the hand tool and creating hairlike strokes, we use a permanent make-up machine and create a brow that has more of a powdery look comparable to the look of a brow tint or brow powder. While regular permanent make-up tattoos have very sharp edges, the powder brows have soft diffused edges and give it more of a shadow look throughout the whole brow.

To create the ombré look, the tail of the brow will be more saturated with pigment to make it appear darker, while the bulb of the brow  will be less saturated to make the start appear lighter. The ombré look can also be achieved by combining the machine technique with microblading. In this case, we would create microblade hair strokes with the hand tool in the bulb of the brow and implant pigment with the permanent make-up machine as described before throughout the rest of the brow. 

Combination Brows

This technique is the combination of microblading hair strokes with a hand tool and powder/ombré shading with a permanent make-up machine. The combination of both creates a very natural but still defined brow. In the first step, we do the microblading hair strokes and in the second step we add the powder/ombré  shading in between the hair strokes. The combination brow is also perfect for people who have barely any brow hair left or balled spots in between their brows. It creates the most natural 3D effect.

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