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Tattoo Removal

Christina is trained in several methods of pigment lightening/removal. She will determine which product will be best to use depending on the current state of the unwanted tattoo.  

Li-ft Pigment Lightening solution and Tatxtract are both specialized saline solutions created for the safe lightening/removal of unwanted microblading, permanent makeup and small body tattoos.

During the treatment, the saline solution is tattooed over your unwanted tattoo. The lifting of the ink/pigment happens through osmosis. During the healing, a scab will form and continue to lift the old tattoo. How many sessions will be needed depends on how saturated and how big the treated tattoo is.

Saline lightening/removal is a safe and natural removal method that generally costs less, requires fewer sessions, and is less painful than laser removal. It works on all colors of pigment/ink and is safe to use near the eye.

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