While no two services are exactly the same, this gives you an idea of what to expect when you step into Natural Touch Beautification for your appointment. Select any image below to learn about what is included in that step.

Meet the artist.
Christina Warden is the owner of Natural Touch Beautification. She is a Brow Design International Certified Microblading Artist and Master Trainer.
Arrange the drawing tools.
The drawing tools are the tools Christina needs to do the pre-drawing of the eyebrow shape.
Take "before" photos.
Pictures are taken for the "before and after" collage every client receives after the procedure.
Measure, map and draw.
A great amount of time during the Microblading procedure goes into the measuring, mapping and drawing the eyebrow shape with an eyebrow pencil.
Find the right shape.
Once Christina is finished with drawing, the client gets to look at it and make any adjustments.
Numb the brows.
The client has the choice to use a numbing agent prior to the procedure.
Set up the microblading tools.
Safety and sanitation are priority. Hand tools and microblading needles are all disposable and will never be used on another client.
Select the pigment.
Christina only uses high quality color pigments. The line has been on the permanent make-up market for more than 25 years and is very safe.
Microblading, round one.
The procedure begins with microblading hair strokes along the outline of the drawing.
Microblading, round two.
Once Christina has finished the first round of hair strokes (first pass), she puts a pigments mask on the whole brow to ensure the color soaks into the strokes some more. Next, she makes a second pass by implanting more color with the microblade into the same hair strokes. This will ensure the proper depth and saturation of the hair strokes.
Microblading is done!
Get a first look.
Once both of the brows are finished, the client takes a look at her new brows.
Check the symmetry.
Christina checks the eyebrows and makes sure they are as symmetrical as possible. Minor adjustments can be made if necessary.
A happy client!
The client is enjoying her beautiful new brows.
Understand the healing process.
Christina explains the healing phases and the aftercare instructions to all of her clients before they leave.
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