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Who are good candidates for this procedure?

This technique of semi-permanent makeup lets the Microblading artist create HD/3D looking eyebrows. Microblading is perfect for people who would like to enhance existing eyebrows, fill in over plucked eyebrows, and people who's brows are non-existent. There are a few diseases which disqualify a client from getting this procedure done, please contact us with any questions regarding chronic or acute diseases.

I am pregnant and/or nursing, am I able to have this procedure done?

Unfortunately, no. During pregnancy a woman's body goes through a lot of changes. We can not guarantee that your body, while you are pregnant or nursing, will react to the Microblading procedure the same way your body would usually react when you are not pregnant or nursing. We do not want to risk a bad result due to hormonal changes or processes. Pregnancy (and nursing) can influence your tolerance for pain, and affect the  texture of your skin. But foremost, at no point do we want to risk you or your child's health.

Are there any health issues that can occur from using the pigments?

The manufacturer of the pigment we use has existed for over 25 years and is well known in the permanent makeup industry all around the world. The pigments comply with both the United States FDA & EU government regulations governing cosmetics ( Please contact us with any specific questions. If there are concerns about an allergic reaction, don't worry, a patch test will be made at the time of the consultation to determine whether or not you are allergic to any of the ingredients.​

How long will the healed result last? 

It usually lasts 1 to 2 years. However, it is different for every client, and that is because it depends on several factors like skin type and lifestyle. For example, your brows might fade quicker if they are exposed to a lot of sun or tanning light.

What exactly is a microblade?

The microblade is not really a blade, it consists of tiny needles attached to each other side by side. They come in different sizes as far as number of needles and thickness of each needle.

How do we measure the "perfect" brow?

In Microblading we use a special measurement tool: the Golden Ratio caliper. In mathematics, the Golden Ratio equals 1.618. Since at least 2400 years the Golden Ratio has been found to be used in architecture, paintings, book design, music, and nature. Artists like Plato, Leonardo da Vinci, and Pythagoras have used the Golden Ratio in their work because it is considered to be aesthetically beautiful (Golden Ratio, Wikipedia).

How long is the appointment?

In general, the procedure lasts 2 hours but could take up to 3 hours depending on several factors. For example, if you choose to use a numbing agent before the procedure, the 20 to 30 minutes that it takes for the numbing agent to take effect will add to your appointment time.  Also, we will have to work together to draw perfect  and symetrical eyebrows that is to your liking. When the ideal eyebrows are drawn, then the Microblading expert will move on to the next stage of the proedure.

Is a touch-up session 6 to 8 weeks after the initial procedure really necessary?

Yes, it is. Microblading is a process. In most cases it takes a second session to optimize the result and perfect the eyebrow. At Natural Touch Beautification, LLC, you will not incur an additional cost for this touch-up if you do it within a 60-day timeframe.

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